International  Sissy Coach, Slut Trainer,  StepMother & ABDL  Nanny.


Hello Boys and Girls. Welcome to my new site, some of you may  know me as  A Brighton based  British International Dominatrix & Mistress who has been on the Kink scene since I started in Hong kong back in the 90's. Since then I have lived and sessioned all over the World but am now happily now based in Brighton and tour for just 4 months of the year. 

This site is especially for those who prefer the softer touch and respond to a gentler force and the ones who prefer taboo sessions. My sissy boys, my ABDL's, The ones who need Nannying, Mothering or Step Mothering.  It's for my cross dressers and any other submissives who don't identify as typical subs. My other site is more of a traditional Dominatrix site and that is indeed how I started, As a sassy 22 year old, thrilled with the knowledge I could do anything I wanted to these eager subs of mine and they could like it or lump it. 

However, after a while I decided while I very much enjoyed  exploring my sadistic side, other types of sessions where just as interesting. I have always enjoyed dressing up and playing a part so Roleplay was where where I felt truly connected and could lose myself in session. Even more so if it was a Taboo Roleplay or Age play.  If it's frowned upon, truly perverted or sinful then I will find it more exciting and pleasurable.  As I have matured, the role plays requested have became more twisted, more taboo and yes more Maternal. I love the intimacy and connection in these sessions. The eye contact, the double meanings, lots of flirting, tease and denial. Low or no music so you can hear my voice whispering filth into your ear, urging you to go further for me as I coach you to become sluttier, to be as shameless as possible.

I can be understanding, gentle, encouraging and playful - a trusted Confidant with whom you can share the secret desires you have forever longed for
I can also be be strict, sarcastic, impatient, unreasonable and callous -  a total Bitch
I have a twisted imagination and excellent acting skills, whatever your fetish or fantasy, I make sure if feels exciting and authentic