StepMother Seductress. 

Whatever Step Mother Wants , StepMother Gets.  A short story.


Robert is back from College and staying with his Father and his new StepMother for the Summer holidays.  The title StepMother conjures up an image of a Wicked Femme Fatale type woman and that certainly suits her. He can see why his Father fell for her, she is a Vivacious Red head with long legs,  a 36 DD bust, green eyes that  seem to devour you as they look at you and a filthy laugh. She radiates sexual energy and power and she knows it. Since Bobby got back  she has been acting like she owns the house. Who knows?  Maybe she does now.  It's pathetic, his once Alpha male Father has been reduced to mere putty in her hands,  agreeing to anything she says, it's like she's cast a  spell on him. Is she wicked? Robert is unsure, she certainly isn't as easy going and sweet as when Robert first met her. That was just at the beginning of the whirlwind his Father got swept up into. They had met and married within 3 months. 

The first time he met her,  he quite liked her but he has wondered what she saw in his Father. She is much younger and they have little in common. He hopes she is not a Gold digger, after his Fathers money which is after all Roberts inheritance. She does seem to be spending huge amounts.  She has a sports car and a huge big Jeep,  every day parcels arrive,  designer shoes, clothes, handbags. some times she doesn't even open them.  Roberts Father seems to be away on business a lot more often so she really is free to do as she pleases.  Robert will be spending a lot of his time alone with her this summer and that would be fine but it  seems she is not longer content with having his Father under the thumb, she is now intruding into his personal space and it's making him a little uneasy. 

Bossing him around, criticising his hair and clothes. She wants him to stop cutting it so short and dress more fashionably.  Setting rules and curfews and walking into his room unannounced. Sometimes he feels like protesting against her rules but as soon as he starts to say anything , she shuts him up,  explaining it's all for his own good, she just wants him to take her advice so he can be the best Son and make Mummy proud. She also insists he call her Mummy, which he feels is slightly ridiculous at his age but it's easier not to argue and She can be so completely charming sometimes, he finds himself just agreeing with her. If he tries to object she puts a finger to his lips and says Shuuuuush sweetie,  you are giving me a headache.  Other times she just laughs in his face or asks if she has to call his Father who would obviously agree with anything she has to say.  It's really is simpler to go along with what she decides. When he does as he is told she is happy and can be the sweetest. Some times when he's been completely obedient, she  invites him to watch a film with her. She would tell him stories of her life and  she give him advice for his future. One thing she was very firm about was that he should not have a girlfriend until she  decided he was mature enough. This is not really a problem as although he is a handsome boy with a good body, he lacks confidence and apart apart from a few kisses and fumblings he is totally inexperienced with women.  He is hoping and praying he might lose his Virginity before he is out of his teens but now with StepMother around  it probably wont happen this Summer. 

One Friday afternoon, Robert is in his room and StepMother enters his room announcing she has a bit of bad news. Father was meant to be back this weekend but he will now be extending his business trip for 3 more weeks. Before he met her he  hardly ever went away but now he seems to be working like a dog. While he is away, I'm going to need you to step up and  be the man of the house. You spend far too much time in your room, when you should be making yourself useful and  helping me round the house. Robert didn't see why, they had a housekeeper and StepMother never cooked, she seemed to exist on salad, chocolate and Gin and Tonic.   Ummm, what do you need me to do he asked. I'm thinking it all through and I'm  going to make a timetable she replied. You need structure. I'll  work it out this afternoon, print it out and give it to you tonight..... A timetable!  Robert nodded glumly while inwardly cursing his Father for being taken over by this domineering cow. 


To be continued