How to be a personal slave

Several times a week I receive phone calls asking if I need a personal slave - I encourage paying slaves to email me or whatsapp message me and most do but it's nearly always the wannabee personal slaves who seem  to ring at the most inconvenient times demonstrating their unworthiness in making my life easier. They often have nothing to offer, thinking they can get sessions for free just by saying they want to be a personal slave.  If you really want to be my personal slave here are a few tips

Remember an application written like a CV sent by email with a reference from another Mistress is more impressive than a cold call. If you don't have a reference book a session first with me first then apply. I will not take on a personal slave with no experience. I nearly always choose subs who have sessioned with me over a newcomer. 

Many subs offer to come and clean for me when all they want  to do is to prance about in pink with a feather duster then get spanked if they miss a spot.... I charge for that. Same goes for subs offering free foot massage, I charge for that too. So what don't I charge for? How CAN one become a personal slave?  Ok here are a few pointers for those of you who yearn to feel a bit more important than a paying sub, to be a small cog in the wheel of my beautiful glamorous  kinky life.

Chauffeur- If you have a decent car and dress smartly, write to me with with your details and all the times you are available. If you have very limited time or are fussy about who else comes along this is not going to work. I have dogs & lots of Gay friends. Sunday mornings would be nice, I love car boot sales.

My wonderful Chauffeur & Butler, Albert (In the photo below) was 100% the absolute Gold standard In personal service when I worked in Amsterdam for the year of 2007.  He had such impeccable manners, he could have served The Queen. He also thought ahead and kept everything I could possibly require in his car in case of any emergency popping up. His knowledge of the best Fetish bars, clubs and shops in the Dam was excellent as he had previously been in service to another Mistress who was sweet enough to pass him onto me when she left The Netherlands. Falling into his warm car as I came out into the freezing Amsterdam mornings from Wastelands, Klinic or Boudoir Bizarre and being handed a flask of hot coffee was heaven. There is no one like him and I miss him dearly.

Web designers, Carpenters, Painters & Decorators, Electricians, Gardeners - All these services are often required. If your only skill is housework then be prepared to toil, to be a proper little scrubber, scouring my oven,  polishing windows and steam cleaning  carpets after a messy house party . If you desire to serve me tea, wearing a frock and a butt plug, then book a session as a sissy maid.

Home owners - do you have a gorgeous location you would like to share with me? , A London pad, a villa someplace hot & sunny, a sumptuous country pile or a European pied-à terre Somewhere I could use for or a photo or video shoot or somewhere I can session from. A luxury car, preferably vintage would also be an asset

If you are lucky enough to be a chosen one - Do not automatically expect free sessions. Depending on your input I will decide how to reward you. Usually the pleasure of my company, being invited into my inner circle of Kinksters & a glass of my 'Champagne' should be enough gratification. If you slog hard enough and your service is of value to me then the rewards will be higher.

Most importantly - just because you might get to hang out with me, meet my dogs, massage my feet, see me relaxing and not in full Domme mode. Do not ever become over familiar. I am not a complete stickler for protocol but a slave is a slave and must never get ideas beyond his station. This has happened several times before and it's extremely awkward to say the least. 

That's all, I look forward to writing much more.......