How to be a personal slave

Several times a week I receive phone calls asking if I need a personal slave - I encourage paying slaves to email me or whatsapp message me and most do but it's nearly always the wannabee personal slaves who seem  to ring at the most inconvenient times demonstrating their unworthiness in making my life easier. They often have nothing to offer, thinking they can get sessions for free just by saying they want to be a personal slave.  If you really want to be my personal slave here are a few tips

Remember an application written like a CV sent by email with a reference from another Mistress is more impressive than a cold call. If you don't have a reference book a session first with me first then apply. I will not take on a personal slave with no experience. I nearly always choose subs who have sessioned with me over a newcomer. 

Many subs offer to come and clean for me when all they want  to do is to prance about in pink with a feather duster then get spanked if they miss a spot.... I charge for that. Same goes for subs offering free foot massage, I charge for that too. So what don't I charge for? How CAN one become a personal slave?  Ok here are a few pointers for those of you who yearn to feel a bit more important than a paying sub, to be a small cog in the wheel of my beautiful glamorous  kinky life.

Chauffeur- If you have a decent car and dress smartly, write to me with with your details and all the times you are available. If you have very limited time or are fussy about who else comes along this is not going to work. I have dogs & lots of Gay friends. Sunday mornings would be nice, I love car boot sales.

My wonderful Chauffeur & Butler, Albert (In the photo below) was 100% the absolute Gold standard In personal service when I worked in Amsterdam for the year of 2007.  He had such impeccable manners, he could have served The Queen. He also thought ahead and kept everything I could possibly require in his car in case of any emergency popping up. His knowledge of the best Fetish bars, clubs and shops in the Dam was excellent as he had previously been in service to another Mistress who was sweet enough to pass him onto me when she left The Netherlands. Falling into his warm car as I came out into the freezing Amsterdam mornings from Wastelands, Klinic or Boudoir Bizarre and being handed a flask of hot coffee was heaven. There is no one like him and I miss him dearly.

Web designers, Carpenters, Painters & Decorators, Electricians, Gardeners - All these services are often required. If your only skill is housework then be prepared to toil, to be a proper little scrubber, scouring my oven,  polishing windows and steam cleaning  carpets after a messy house party . If you desire to serve me tea, wearing a frock and a butt plug, then book a session as a sissy maid.

Home owners - do you have a gorgeous location you would like to share with me? , A London pad, a villa someplace hot & sunny, a sumptuous country pile or a European pied-à terre Somewhere I could use for or a photo or video shoot or somewhere I can session from. A luxury car, preferably vintage would also be an asset

If you are lucky enough to be a chosen one - Do not automatically expect free sessions. Depending on your input I will decide how to reward you. Usually the pleasure of my company, being invited into my inner circle of Kinksters & a glass of my 'Champagne' should be enough gratification. If you slog hard enough and your service is of value to me then the rewards will be higher.

Most importantly - just because you might get to hang out with me, meet my dogs, massage my feet, see me relaxing and not in full Domme mode. Do not ever become over familiar. I am not a complete stickler for protocol but a slave is a slave and must never get ideas beyond his station. This has happened several times before and it's extremely awkward to say the least. 

That's all, I look forward to writing much more....... 


Excellent choice. Although I do say so myself.  Before you contact me though, I need you to read this guide properly. Remember fools rush in. You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Use it wisely. Like all successful Dommes I get literally hundreds of enquiries each week, a good percentage of these go straight into my trash or become a blocked number on my phone. Many of these rejects are pathetic timewasters but I think some are just confused by the array of different platforms on which I can be contacted. As well as what’s acceptable and what’s not. So whether you’re a shy newbie who has just realized that your vanilla lifestyle is not quite enough or an old timer who’s been knocking about on the scene since Mistresses were in contact magazines, it will benefit you to read this.  You will definitely gain brownie points by using the correct etiquette when contacting me.  

DO MAKE SURE I AM THE MISTRESS FOR YOU. In this cyber era it’s totally possible to find the perfect fetish match. Back in the day, a Mistress was a Mistress who whipped you as hard as she bloody well could, then pissed on you if you’d been a good boy.  You liked it or lumped it.  Now there are 50 shades of filth out there and you can find exactly what you want if you do your research. Before you even consider connecting with me it’s imperative you study my website. Don’t just drool over my pictures and videos.  Have a good read through and make sure you think we will be compatible.  Every Domme is different.  Slaves have limits. We do too. Read my session page and what I’m into, what skills I excel in and what I don’t do. If I say I don’t do it, don’t think I will make an exception for you.  Check the tribute page to see if a session with me is within your budget then and only then may you approach me.

DO MAKE A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION. The best and most convenient way is email. A simple introduction with a little bit about yourself, fetish experience, the date and place you would like to session, what you are into and how long you wish to session for is enough. If you have a Domme who will provide a reference (most Dommes are cool with this) it will confirm your credibility and is especially valuable when I am on tour.

DON’T WRITE AN ESSAY. Please do not ramble on. I don’t need your autobiography or a minute by minute session plan. Do not send clips for me to watch. “To give an idea of how the session might go” No Dominatrix worth her salt has  the time or desire to watch them.  Sounds harsh but I did not become a Dominatrix to do a desk job. I already spend about 2 hours a day on admin answering emails, whatsapps texts and tweets. So keep it short and sweet kinksters. This following email contains everything I need to know in an initial approach:

Dear Kountess Von Kink,

I have been a fan of yours for a long while but we have never been in the same place at the same time. I am visiting Hong Kong next week and am delighted to see that according to your website you are also there. I arrive Tuesday the 14th and leave on Friday. I am available Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday any time after 7pm. I will be staying at the Mandarin hotel and could see you there or at your place if you prefer. I am Indian, 29 years old, have sessioned with have in NYC if you would like a reference.

I am interested in an office roleplay including face slapping, foot worship, golden showers, smoking and maybe some breath play although I have never tried this before and am slightly hesitant. I adore seamed stockings, beautifully pedicured feet and high heels. I would very much appreciate if you could wear a business suit. Power dressing makes me go weak at the knees. I have watched your foot/smoking video in which you are wearing such an outfit literally hundreds of times. Please advise if you are available.  I would like to session for two hours. Thank you in advance for reading this. Looking forward to hearing from you Mistress.

DO CONFIRM once you have been given an appointment, it’s a good idea to confirm a day or two before as well as when you land if you are flying in then again on the day a few hours ahead of your session.  

DON”T KEEP EMAILING  OR WHATSAPPING once you have been given an appointment. Specific questions are fine. Please keep these all emails on one thread whenever possible. Stick to email rather than whatsapp. If you whatsapp me to often i will refer you to email and block you.  If you have many questions about what will happen in your session or want to chat and get to know me then please see the next paragraph.

DO CONSIDER BOOKING A CONSULTATION. I understand some of you have many questions or love the build up to play and would like to discuss the upcoming session. The hourly rate quoted is for session time not for pages and pages of correspondence.  If you want to engage in pre session chat or just chat without booking a session,  I offer whatsapp, phone and skype sessions

DO WHATSAPP OR TEXT ME FOR SHORT NOTICE SESSIONS. I much prefer advance bookings, it gives me more time to plan and prepare. I do understand though sometimes the urge for kink is a spontaneous thing or an unforeseen window of opportunity arises.  On occasion I accept short notice appointments. As time is of the essence in these situations, a whatsapp or text is acceptable. Don’t  just type “Hi” or even worse“Hi babe!”  Seriously?   Do respect the natural hierarchy if you expect me to reply. Include your name, age, nationality,  location, the type of session you want, budget and time you wish to session

DON’T FACETIME ME EVER. You are not my Mum or my boyfriend. Unknown facetimers will be instantly blocked.

DO BE PROFESSIONAL IF YOU CALL. Again phone calls are appropriate when it’s a short notice session. You should text/whatsapp first to see if I’m free to speak. Make sure you sound professional and respectful. Not horny and sleazy. I can detect within seconds if you are masturbating and yes that’s another blockable offence. Don’t call drunk from a bar or any noisy place. Don’t put me on loudspeaker. Check what time it is where I am and call between 10am and 8pm.

DON’T HAGGLE. If you feel that my tribute is high, consider this reflects my experience, abilities and also my costs, equipment, wardrobe and playspace as well as flights and accommodation if I am touring.  Although your session is only an hour long there is travel time, hair, makeup, nails and dressing time as well as session preparation.  Others, especially local Mistresses may quote lower prices. If they are more suited to your budget then please contact them rather than me.  

DO BE PREPARED TO PAY A DEPOSIT. Some mistresses require a tribute before they even read your email. Many require a deposit for all sessions. With all my years of experience I am pretty good at deciding who is genuine so I don’t always insist on this. Sessions I do require a deposit for are:

·Sessions where I am traveling especially to see you.

·Sessions over 2 hours.

·Sessions that are often cancelled such as forced bi or sessions with your partner.

·Sessions with another Dominatrix or Sub

·If you have ever cancelled on the same day

·If you have ever been a no show I require the full tribute up front

If you are sure about your dates and happy to pay a deposit then you can offer this in your initial email. This will demonstrate your reliability and also guarantee your session.

This wasn’t the most exciting thing for me to write but it had to be done and I hope it clarifies protocol.  Being a Dominatrix is a fabulous vocation but the cross to bare are the timewasters Freeloading losers, who try to pilfer Mistresses valuable time. Make sure you don’t lumped in with this scum. I look forward to your well written email.

Fetish Art with Sardax and Erophoria

Next stop was Montreal. Why would I go there in February when its -25C*? Well I have personal reasons and also because because that’s where are located. They got me started shooting video in the Summer of 2013 just after I left NYC.  Before then I had no videos of me at all.  Now I have four shot by Erophoria and two by Hong Kong's House of Satyr and am waiting for another one shot  by them to be edited and also shooting another there in 10 days time. Here are all the finished ones  in a continuous stream    .

The pinnicle of my collaboration  with  Fetish Artists came last week I was thrilled to pose for the Famous Femme Domme  Artist Sardax for his Alice and Wonderland series.   Last Friday  we met to shoot photos from which he wll sketch. The location was It's an astonishing place, mind boggling located within an  inconspicuous East London council Estate  that reminded me of a scene from the Bill. As I went up in the lift I wondered if new slaves coming up there might suspect it was a wee bit dodgy. Once inside though, all doubts  are dismissed. This is the ultimate dungeon. It has an amazing vibe. 4 rooms crammed with every single piece of paraphanalia  you could dream of, a fetish library and a divine fetish shoe collection that would rival the ones of most Mistresses. It was all under the jurisdiction and loving care of the Dungeon Master who kindly loaned us the place.  I was very excited with the themes for my drawings that Sardax showed me.  I was Alice in the school play when i was 7 and the surreal  trippy story has since been a personal  favourite, even more so when I fell down my own rabbit hole into the world of Kink.  Here are 3 of the ones he made previously with  All the works are comissioned for a Japanese Fetish magazine called Goddess Love.  We did 8, some as a Dominant Alice and some of her caught in a predicament.  I don't normally switch but I was happy to be drawn as a sub for Sardax. My boundaries are totally relaxed  when it comes to creating fine Art.  I have posted my favourite of me riding a Lobster

So with all my videos, and my Sardax pictures and being in American Penthouse this month,one photo not a spread I think I've covered all bases.  Well nearly ......I have wanted to  want to make a ABDL video for a while but hadn't found the right girl to be my little sweet adult baby girl. Then this weekend at the Brighton Fetish Ball  I met an ABDL girl who was precisely what I'm looking for. The perfect mix of kinky naughtiness and innocence sweetly sucking on her dummy.   She has my number but hasn't called yet, I think she's still out there partying. Little wild child she is for sure. Just my type. ...

So I am off to Hong Kong this Wednesday, With Mistress Evelyn Montopolis and Fatal Switch another best friend of mine, us three together are gonna be a proper handful. Triple Trouble In Good old Hong Kong.  I'll make sure to keep you updated with all the scandal. There will be some for sure. TTFN Kinksters.

#Orgy in the Waldorf Astoria.... (when in New York)

I also shot these photos in Manhattan. As we were shooting in my hotel hallway a suave American gentleman passed by then walked back towards us. I thought he was going to complain about me being scantily clad but he invited me and my photographer ( to use his suite to take more photos. When we were in there he informed us he was having a party that night, a swingers party, and we were welcome to come along for a drink or two.  An orgy In the Waldorf Astoria was not to be sneezed at and surprisingly I have never been to one before… well not a proper one anyway. I turned up with Evelyn, my adult baby and a dreadlocked rapper who performs with Evelyn's band.  It was everything you would expect; a mass of tangled limbs on the four poster bed, lots of grunting, panting, heavy breathing and screaming and I actually saw a girl squirt! The funniest part was when a very proper po faced male chamber maid came halfway through the evening with clean sheets, fresh towels and extra toothbrushes. What excellent service. Conrad Hilton labeled it as the greatest hotel of them all and in that room, that night it certainly was.


As she is also known because of her supreme booty is the best Mistress I have ever sessioned with and also my bestest friend. We were introduced in Hong Kong by a mutual client who “just knew we would get on” We did…. and I immediately decided I should move to New York to live with her.  The rest is history. I stayed with her in the East village from 2011 till 2013 and that time definitely ranks as one of the most fun but totally mental periods of my life. We shared her tiny apartment and pretty much everything else. It was wild. We often used to suspect we were in a kinked up version of The Trueman Show cos so much craziness was happening every day. It had to be a setup! I know everyone’s wacko in NYC  but  this was far out even by New York standards. But who am I to talk? I was on the rampage, looking for trouble.  Mistress Evelyn joined in but  stayd on track. She is  multi faceted and works as an actress, model and musician. Right now she is focusing on her music.  She’s a soprano and sings as well plays bass and keyboards in 4 NYC bands. Her life revolves around art and making it and she has been a massive influence on me.  She’s a committed New Yorker so she’s still there while I’m now back in the UK for a bit.  We can’t stay apart for long though and still meet up round the world to travel, session, make art and party. Our next tour together is of Hong Kong and India starts on April the 17th  

Here we are.


and here she is....

So my last NY trip was as eventful as ever, I appeared on stage with Evelyn's band, dressed as a Dominatrix nurse.  The band wrote a song called Detox Darling, inspired by my frequent detoxing and I agreed to join her band and say (not sing!) my words as it was Evelyn's birthday.  The song is cool and so we’re going to make a video to go with it... Fetish of course with Kitty Kwok my HK slave girl.  This will be shot in Hong Kong this month and I will be blogging about it as it happens.

If you want an idea of how artistic and bizarre Evelyn's music is this is Princess Ass opening her show In New York City. I told you she had a Supreme Booty.

A week in the life... #Dommelife #WednesdayGirl

No yoga today, hiked up the morning trail of the Peak, the mountain in the middle of Hong Kong island. When I lived here I used to come up here with my pugs at least twice a week.  It's a sactuary from the bustling megacity.  I met Miss Maria Love for Brunch at the Peak cafe at the summit. She’s a Dominatrix, model and dancer over here from the UK for a week.  We discussed a session we were doing this afternoon with a pilot and then went shopping and spent the money we were going to earn before we had even been given it. I know her from way back, we met on a haystack on a farm in Yorkshire when we were both on a modeling shoot there.  We have been friends ever since but are bad influences on each other for sure, always egging each other on to mischief and getting into trouble.

The session was a long one, 4 hours, and my resolve of no alcohol nearly crumbled as the naughty pilot had brought had 3 bottles of champagne. I do find it hard to say no to bubbles but I did it. Yay! Still on track. Then I went to meet The Gaunts. They are a highly successful husband and wife photography team and as a sideline to their commercial photography they create artistic fetish and nude art. I love collaberating with them their work is amazing and they are too much fun.  They shot me the last time I was in HK and we were discussing another possible concept they might want me to model for. They gave me these two prints from the last shoot. I love what they have done to me in post production work. This is how I would look if I was a manga character. 

The Hong Kong magazine also messaged me today, they want me to answer a few questions about fetish for Valentines day… will try do that before I go away, I am booked on a flight tomorrow morning, Singapore first then Bangkok. One of my favorite perverts is in my favorite hotel in the Lion city and has invited me to use the spa there, the most luxurious perfect  haven for rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul. I’m in.

A week in the life... #Dommelife #RubyTuesday

RUBY TUESDAY.  Up again for hot yoga, then in the gym for TRX and a 5K run on the treadmill! I am so on it, I am domming myself back to my peak physical prime. I might post before and after pics when I am done.   I’m craving though…for a baguette  filled with Linda McCartney Sausages and HP sauce but green juice it is again.  Kale, cucumber, celery, bitter melon, lemon juice and ginger.  Pffft.  Straight after I go to meet for tea.  She’s in town  for a week, I liked her site and twitter posts and was interested to meet her.  Often if a Dominatrix is in town and we click we can do doubles together.  I love Double Domme sessions. so much fun, egging each other to be wilder and  more wicked.  She was cool, we were a similar type, both busty blondes who had been on the scene for ages while living the Gypsy Domme lifestyle over 3 continents. We swapped tips and tales and hopefully will meet up this Summer in Barcelona or Paris which are her two main bases.

Next I have two sessions back to back.  First is an Office role play.  I wear my outfit on the way to the session instead of changing onto it when I arrive like I would do for latex. It’s a new hounds tooth dress, tight fitting but extremely business like. It’s from Zara, which is where I buy most of my office wear. My style is usually Bohemian rock chick  but my office bitch look is way more sultry and I attract quite a bit of attention on the way there. The seamed stockings, black pointed stilettos and cat eye spectacles all add to the effect. I’m already in character and I coldly look through anyone eyeing me up. The scenario I devised  is the client plays a new employee in a company where I'm the CEO. Trouble is he’s been heard making smutty remarks about females in the workplace as well as ogling and being inappropriate to the young intern and the tea lady. Not On!  This male chauvinist pig has to be taught office etiquette or lose his job. The best way to make him understand how vulnerable a female can feel is to be forced to dress and act as one. I’m gonna teach him a few tough life lessons in my office until I feel he is fit to work with the team again. At one point he’s had enough and makes a break for the door to escape. I wrestle him down and get him in a double scissors headlock. ☺ Never a dull moment for us Mistresses. The second session is with a Japanese slave I have seen many times. He has a serious tights fetish.  He loves to be forced to wear them, tied up with them, have them shoved in his mouth and pulled over his head. He’s a pantyhose maniac. I’d picked up 10 pairs on the way here from a lady in the Lanes where all the all the cheap market stalls are, I won’t buy expensive ones  for a session like this, they are all going to be laddered or in too many knots to use again anyway. Two down one to go. ☺ Two is my ideal number of sessions to do a day, I have done 5 on occasions but that's rare.  Two leaves me lots of chill time. I hate rushing about, luckily the last session is a foot session so I can relax.

First of all I devour a kale and tofu salad then go off to a meeting to talk through scenes for my new video. I have so many ideas and we discuss which of them are logistically possible and within  budget. We consider locations, scenes, costumes and other girls I want to be in them. I prefer to film with females,  I am highly protective of my image.  I only want footage out on the internet that I’m proud of.  Once it’s out there, it’s like a genie, and can’t go back in the bottle. My two favorite scenes involve a nun outfit with crucifix heeled shoes and a hookah pipe and another of me eating sushi and sashimi laid out Japanese style over a slave girl. Of course the sushi will be vegan, they have it here and it’s divine. As soon it’s confirmed we’re shooting these scenes I start rustling up sponsors. My sweet Yorkshire puppy slave is always super generous and he immediately offers to buy the shoes, he gets my slave of the week award for that as well as being a top retweeter and  for always making me laugh. He’s as daft as a brush and always getting himself into ridiculous sticky situations. I won't go into detail about the time in Amsterdam's red light district but it was pretty rad. Another client offers to  book a gorgeous hotel room for us to session in which I can use afterwards to film in. He orders me a fuschia pink hookah pipe too. Just need to find an authentic Nun costume now. Not having any joke shop tacky polyester in my shoot. There are Nuns who make the habits but they can take up to 6 months! Imagine that, they only get one new dress a decade and then they have to wait ages for it and when it comes it’s exactly the same as the last one but less threadbare.

I head of to my favourite Hong Kong hotel to see my  foot worshipper, it's 50 minutes of foot pampering then likes to be slapped about by my feet at the end.  My feet are extremely dexterous, I pick things up off the floor with them all the time, can peel a banana with them and unfasten a belt. Just a few of my #Dommeskills acquired over the years. It’s been a busy day and has been like this since I arrived. Wednesday looks even more hectic, this is when I decide I need to go  away for a few days, my birthday is coming up and I think a spa break in Bangkok will be just what I need to  allow me to recharge in time for my birthday party at the Carnival on Friday the 13th.

A week in the life... #Dommelife #ManicMonday

MANIC MONDAY Up at 6.00am, bleurgh... I am so not a morning person but after 3 wake up calls, one from the hotel, one from my slave and one from my iPhone I drank my fresh ginger and lemon with warm water and jumped in a taxi to my Hot yoga class. Bikram yoga is not for pussies. If you imagine yoga to be gentle stretching think again, It’s the hardest, thing I do when training and I train bloody hard! You sweat buckets too, all those toxins pump out of your body,  anyone with a sweat or smell fetish would be in heaven in there. Straight after that I did Body pump at the gym then over to my Pedicure lady .

She does the best walk in pedicures in the fastest time so even though I don’t really like her I keep going back. She’s a Diva, bossy, opinionated, gossipy and sometime she rips me off for a few dollars.  She’d make a successful findom but the universe tricked her into being at at people's feet instead of the other way round and it seems like she resents that. Whatever, horses for courses. I just need pretty feet. I chose deep purple coloured nail polish in preparation for my foot worship session that afternoon. After the mornings tough workout a foot slave was just what I needed. I deserved it. I adore my feet being pampered and played with. My favorite way to be woken up is with a Earl Grey tea, marmite on toast and a foot massage. Being a Foot Goddess is just awesome. I cannot imagine a more heavenly way to make a living.  

After that I did a phone consult for a couple who wanted to see me, I always insist on speaking to both parties before I even discuss a double session. One, to make sure she actually exists and I am not giving some dude a free phone session while he gets off. Freeloading timewasters are the crosses we Dommes have to bear. They should be compulsorily castrated. The second reason is to check she is cool with the scenario. I won't do it if she seems dubious in anyway. I have turned down quite a few sessions because I felt that the female was being pressured into it. For it to be an enjoyable scene everyone playing has to be totally consenting.

Later on I did another skype session, hypnosis on a guy from Chicago. If foot worship is the most leisurely way to session, then hypnosis is the most challenging. Obviously it’s completely mental. To control someone else's mind you have to control your own.  Complete focus is required even if the session is just a hypnosis roleplay. You need to tune into the mind of your sub and feel connected to each other.  He was very pleased with the session. Think my crisp British accent sealed the deal. I could have done a session that night but he hadn’t made an appointment  and I was already in chill out mode. I understand the need to play sometimes arises spontaneously but the more notice you give your Mistress the more she will appreciate it and the more likely you are to get an unrushed well organised session. I always wonder where those clowns are coming from when I see a text at 2am asking if I’m available. Do they think we Dommes stay up all night waiting for sessions?  Boots and strap on next to us, ready to rush out when they call?


A week in the life... #Dommelife #SundayBloodySunday

SUNDAY... I never ever work on the Sabbath.  Don’t presume because I’m a Dominatrix I don’t have solid Christian values, the Lord gave us Sunday as day of rest and prayer and we should respect that!…… blah de blah de blah… Obviously that’s bollocks. I don’t often work on Sunday partly because many of my slaves are with the wifey at the weekends  but mainly because I am usually recovering from Saturday night or still partying. I am very much an all or nothing person. I could never have 3 glasses of prosecco and call it a night. When I go out to play it’s often a 2 day affair.  What can I say? I’m an extremist.  At the moment though I’m on a fitness bender.  I need to look my stunning best for my video shoot, so I’m on Detox. No coffee, alcohol, carbs, sugar or processed food. I’m also a vegan full time and never eat meat or dairy.  Lots of green juice, salads and exercise are the way forward.

Today I hiked Mount Steinhouse on Lamma island. It’s a 5 hour Hike and one the toughest in HK. The trail went through the jungle at some points, and disappeared at others so we had to hang on the trees to avoid sliding or falling down the mountain. One of the things I love about HK is that beaches and mountains are in such easy reach from the city. I am totally a city girl but I love escaping to nature to recharge.

After the hike while the others drank self congratulatory beers I sipped on a lime soda then went to see Frenchy Dog who used to be my personal slave in HK when I lived here. Personal slaves can be a God send but often subs who want to be one are a bloody nuisance. Many want to get into it because they think  they get to see a Mistress for free. Yeah right. The reality is personal slaves often end up paying much more unless they have a skill that the Mistress needs. Web slaves are the most important, behind many successful Dommes will be her web dude, doing all the essential but tedious stuff that takes up Mistresses valuable time.  I finally have an amazing one and he’s worth his weight in diamonds. Frenchy Dog was more of a good all rounder, he was a certified masseur, great at DIY, he would join in on sessions if required and trot over the border to China to pick up merchandise I had ordered. He did pretty much anything I commanded him to do really which it is exactly what you want in a sub. Too many of them have nothing to offer or are thinking about what THEY want rather than how they can serve ME . I will be writing later in this blog how to become a personal slave but back to Frenchy Dog. When I left HK he was left uncollared, a stray dog with no purpose just sniffing about. Then he got onto the scent of another Western lady on the fetish scene In HK. He was trying to persuade her to adopt him. She called for my opinion so we had a nice little meeting overlooking the South China seas resulting in her accepting him on a trial basis. It was, I must say a most civilized bit of human trafficking on a Sunday afternoon. After that I went back home and did a skype session with a cute French adult baby, looked at few things on Amazon for my video then had an early night in preparation for the hecticness ahead.

A week in the life... #Dommelife #HongKong #Singapore #Bangkok

So sessioning, working out  like a maniac to get into peak  physical condition for my new video and the the fact I have an extremely  busy social life in HK, I haven’t had a minute to myself   I’m not complaining,  I thrive in whirlwinds. If I don’t have enough going on I get up to mischief,  the devil makes work for idle Domatrices.  But some thing had to give.  I am now taking a few days away to recharge and will spend my time writing, chilling out and being pampered.  This blog is the most important part of my site as it makes you guys revisit to see where I am and what I’m up to. The more times you come back the higher I stay on the search engines. As you can imagine I just love being on top. Seeing my name at the top of google makes me feel happy in the inside. ☺.  Just by reading this you are being a good sub. Remember to press the hearts at the bottom of each paragraph if you like what I write.

A week in the life... #Dommelife

I’m back Kinksters….. I know it’s been a while. I’m a bad blogger.  Maybe I should spank myself. or something.... My intention when I started this blog was to blog everyday or at least 4 times a week.  Problem is life tends to get in the way of writing about one's life. Hong Kong’s a go go town and I’ve been snowed under this past ten days.  I lived here for half my life and I have said before I was the first Domme in Hong Kong. Many of the slaves who started their journey into kink with me wait patiently for my return. They are permitted to see other Mistresses when I am not around but I am still their Queen and come first and foremost. They belong to me and beg for me to revisit more often, so while I am here I don’t like to let them down.  Along with the new expats here and all the businessmen passing through the city, a big chunk of my time is taken up sessioning...

So you want to be a Dominatrix.... Join the queue... #DominaV

Domina V  is an Australian who now living in Brighton which happens to be the place I currently call home.  She is the glamorous, sassy and effervescent owner of the and has combined her Dominatrix skills with make her up artistry and hairdressing qualifications to offer transformation and feminisation services to sissys and crossdressers. This is no easy task.  It takes a fair bit of skill and time for a burly rugby player to metamorphose into an authentic sex siren. (in my experience a  large percentage of crossdressers and sissys are rugby players, policemen or gangsters …it's a tough job being macho 24/7, exploring their feminine side gives them a break and helps balance out the masculine yang with the more delicate yin.)  The makeover includes selecting a costume from the extensive “fluffy wardrobe” that Domina V has amassed. An abundance of dresses, uniforms, latex, lingerie, shoes,  boots, stockings feather boas, wigs, gloves and jewellery are available for these these diva sissys. When you only get to dress up occasionally you totally want the whole shebang. More is more. It helps massively that DV is also a stylist so cross dressing fashion faux pas are prevented. Then when your are all dressed up looking your stunning best you can decide where to go. In house serving as a maid, or assisting in a session in the dungeon for the shyer damsels, shopping and clubbing for the wilder chicks who want to be seen and admired in public. Domina V has another string to her bow, she is a fetish artist too and I first met her at where she was holding court on stage as the compere as well as performing a delightful spanking show of her own with a female sub. Remember #Domabees the more you have to offer, the wider audience you will reach and the more you will be noticed. You need to use your assets and exploit your talents to become a successful Dominatrix.


So you want to be a Dominatrix... Join the queue. #IsabelleBigAndStrongTM

I think Isabelle has now retired but I last saw her 7 years ago while I was living in Amsterdam. I first met her when I went to enquire about renting space from her when I relocated there for a year. She ran from her impressive set up which was a gorgeous 5 story canal house in the heart of the 'Dam. As well as a fully equipped dungeon, there was an Egyptian Boudoir, an ABDL nursery and a wrestling room. When I first saw her she reminded me of that movie poster, Attack of the 50ft woman. Dutch girls are super tall but at 6’3” she was exceptionally so, added to the fact that she’s a trained competitive wrestler and you definitely would not want to mess with her. She had once been awarded the title of “Officially the strongest Dominatrix in the world” but despite this she was wonderfully feminine and pretty and had a sweet little girlie voice. She also did regular Dominatrix sessions in her dungeon but about 80% of her sessions were wrestling. Throwing guys over her shoulder, crushing their heads between her powerful thighs or just lying on top of them till they went purple. Isabelle invited me to train with her and her new recruits. Of course I jumped at the chance. It’s a great domme skill to incorporate into roleplays and great self defence. I was taught various holds and throws, headlocks and double scissors were my favourite, it was a great workout too. There are three different levels, Fantasy wresting is what I did, where no force can be used against you.  Semi competitive which is for the Dommes with quite a bit of training where your partner can use limited force against you and fully competitive where it’s an all out battle, no holds barred.  Usually ladies at this level were professional female wrestlers who got into this to make extra cash.  It takes dedication to get to this rank.  As the subs who are into to it are often into humiliation I often got to watch and spent many an afternoon, smoking Amsterdam's finest and sipping Rosé watching Isabelle pulverise some poor bastard. Too funny but a wonderful example of how she used her god given assets to become a Goddess and make a great living.

Hong Kong calling....

Hello Kinksters, I’m now back in Hong kong and as usual the first week is hectic. Slaves who I haven’t seen for months all gagging for it.  I have been rushing around, sessioning, shopping and partying with old friends and had no time to blog. Anyway…. will be writing a bit about HK later in the week. At the moment I am focusing on  writing about how varied the different Dommes are. How many of us find a niche and make our mark by specialising and excelling in one particular fetish or kink. 

So you want to be a Dominatrix? Join the queue... #PrincessSofiaDomme

Princess Sofia Domme... this young lady has only  been on the scene for 2 years but aged 22  and standing a tiny 5’1”3/4 she’s  riding high. She is one of the most successful  Dominas on the London scene right now and  knows exactly what she wants and  how she’s gonna get it.  As well as being a natural born dominatrix,  She’s  stunningly  gorgeous, extremely talented, completely focused and an amazingly good business woman.  I love hanging out at her place, watching her run her Empire. When she is not in session herself, modelling or out with her benefactor discussing her trust fund, she lounges on her massive silver  Princess bed surounded by her cats quaffing champagne. Her 5 phones ring constantly as she books appointments and rents space in her Covent Garden headquarters, and her new dungeon in Liverpool street.   The doorbell constantly rings as gifts arrive seemingly very hour and she doesn’t even open them, they’re just added to a pile. Yes, she is massively spoilt but she can be. She has a knack that can not be taught, subs are drawn to her , compelled to spoil her, and give her everything she desires.  But you don’t see her demanding cash of her pay piggies as some rinsers call their tributers. She is a Findom with class and hardly has to ask,,,, “they know what to do” She tells me.  She can be ruthless with her followers though and takes no prisoners “its not about them”,  She says.” it’s all about Me, and if they don’t get that they’re not true subs and they can jog on.”

So you want to be a Dominatrix? Join the queue...... Do your research

For ladies considering a career as professional Mistress, do your homework, read blogs, forums and study other pro-domme websites.  Go to fetish shops,  clubs and munches, Mistresses there  are more likely to be relaxed about chatting about their lifestyle and there are many slaves hanging about to practise on. Do your research and learn as much as you can about the industry, think about what you are into and decide what you want to specialise in.  You should try  to learn as many of the Domme skills as you can but probably you won’t be into all of them.  When that’s the case don’t force yourself. Doing something you don’t like is not the behaviour of a true Domina. Focus on what you love and what comes naturally to you. This will be your speciality. There are many many different types of Dominatrix. Some become extremely specific and only practise what they excel at. In this blog, I am going to be writing about Mistresses, some who I have met over the years and others whom I just admire. I'll be commenting on their style of Domination and and the fetish practises they are known for.

So you want to be a Dominatrix? Join the queue...... #OnlyTheBestSurvive.

So that’s my story of how I entered the force…. Every dominatrix usually has a cool one, I know one Mistress who's  3rd Generation......  her Mum and Nanna used to do it too, it’s family affair I guess. Cool . .  I was lucky, it just sort of happened, like a natural progression in a time when it was quite rare to be a Pro-domme. Nowadays it’s certainly  easier to buy equipment, advertise and find a dungeon or space to operate from….   but the competition is fierce.  As well as learning all about Fetishes you have to model for shoots,  manipulate  social media and be good at organisation, I spend about 2 hours a day on my computer just for work related stuff.  Only the best Dommes survive. 

So you want to be a Dominatrix? Join the queue... #NewYorkFuckingCity Part 2

The next night I went to Paddles, a club with a dungeon in it,  that's  where I met Cliff, a hells angel, and fetish photographer who also ran the night shift at a dungeon called The Nutcracker suite (since closed down after this incident).  We ended up partying the night away in Alphabet city  then shooting photos of me on his Chinatown rooftop with the twin towers in the background, I wore a latex nurses outfit, PVC thigh boots  and a massive strap on. Iconic. I wish had those photos now. His fetish was medical and in the morning he taught me a few procedures and took me to an old surgical supplies store to stock up on paraphernalia. I also found Purple Passion where I bought more equipment and  as i had loved wearing the strap on the  on the roof the day before one of those too, My very first strapon. Awww. I then went to the boutique of In the East Village, The Baroness is an amazing woman, I'm still friends with her now.  Total Fetish Royalty, An old school Dominatrix and latex designer. She's simply delightful and just the sweetest lady unless she is whipping you, then she is ruthless and relentless. She likes to see blood!  The next day I contacted a dungeon called Ball and Chains, Aphrodite was the Head Mistress there, we instantly clicked and I ended up popping in often. I loved the bordello vibe  of the place and being around the other Dominatrices. They were  fascinating company, from all over the world, multi faceted with other interesting careers as well as being Dommes.    Hanging out there and swapping  stories with them made me realise I really had had found my true vocation, being a dominatrix wasn’t just something i would do whilst in Hong Kong thing,  it was what I was  meant to do, it was my calling.

So you want to be a Dominatrix? Join the queue... #NewYorkFuckingCity Part 1

I checked into the notorious Chelsea Hotel, where Sid Vicious killed Nancy Spungen and where many of the scenes for Madonnas sex book were shot. It was divine, occupied mainly by musicians, artists, sex workers, drug dealers and other dodgy characters. It was a perfect base for me on my quest for underground kink, filth and perversion. NYC then was the “Old New York” the one everyone reminisces about these days. Before that twat Rudy Giuliani cleaned it all up. I was invited to a bar called Hoggs & Heffers in the meat packing district. Back then, the area was raw transsexual streetwalker turf but the bar was nothing special, full of drunken meatheads cheering wasted girls dancing on the bar tops. I wandered outside and saw a seedy looking joint which seemed a lot more intriguing, I went down the stairs and knew this was more like it.  I had stumbled on the the infamous Hellfire club, it was a sordid place with all sorts of debauched fuckery going on. A decent girl would have walked straight out but I wanted to immerse myself in the gritty underbelly of the city, the more sordid the better. I looked about, it certainly wasn't like the upmarket fetish parties i had been to in London. The slaves were different to the stereotypical subs I had met in Hong kong. Privileged white males, my usual clients were bankers or pilots. Here there were all types of nationalities and they were from all walks of life. It's a myth that only powerful guys like to be dominated, maybe they are just the ones who can afford to session more often. The presence of a young British Domme in the house was certainly appreciated. My feet were in great demand, subs were jostling each other to be the next one to worship them. The last masseur was a gorgeous 22 year old Hispanic kid. He took my hand and led me to a chair he had placed in the middle of the room. He had an amazing technique. The foot worshiping became more and more erotic, he was using more than his hands to massage my feet. Other men gathered round us in a circle watching the show whilst stroking themselves. Gulp! what had i got myself into?  It was like something out of a film. I stayed cool, pulling nonchalantly on a cigarette.  Straight after I decided to leave on a high and go get breakfast with a young gay guy I'd been chatting with. We took a yellow cab to a 1950s diner in Chelsea. As we sat there giggling about our escapades, stretch limousines started to pull up and guys in tuxedos and girls in ball gowns walked in. It was prom night... the youth and innocence of these students contrasted with the depraved deviance I had just witnessed and been a part of. God Bless America. A perfect end to a crazy sick night.

So you want to be a Dominatrix? Join the queue... #LessIsMore

This isn’t as risky it sounds,  I wasn’t and am still not interested in suspension or complicated Shibari bondage, at that time I didn’t dabble in medical practices either, I didn't even own a strap on. It was all good clean kinky fun. Stuff that came naturally to me. My love of acting came in very useful, ever since I played Alice in Wonderland in the school play,  I have loved dressing up and transforming into another character. Role playing was and is my first love. Sessions could also involve foot worship, slapping, spanking, golden showers,ball busting and good old tie and tease.

I was in my element, I loved being introduced to new fetishes, wrestling, electro play, trampling and meeting adult babies, cross dressers and sissies It was an amazing time, an education and so much fun. I was naughty though, New Dominatrices are sometimes like new vampires and run amok with their recently developed powers before they calm down and realise less is more. I was no different, a few heads were shoved down toilets! it took me a while before I learned whispering is more effective than shouting, a promise can be more powerful than a threat and more importantly being a Dominatrix is much more psychological than physical, I also realised I needed to buy some equipment and home my skills, I decided the place to go for this was New York Fucking City.